Our Products

Our African values define service offered with the spirit of botho. Feel the warmth of hands kissed by our tropical sun, ushering inner peace and harmonious balance to the mind, body and soul. Embrace African rituals and revitalisation journeys in our treatments for a relaxed and memorable experience.

Our serene atmosphere accompanied by professional, attentive and royal deserving service. Africa’O Royal is a perfect place to relax and reconnect with yourself.

We choose to mainly focus on NATURAL skin and body products from TheraNaka. Why TheraNaka™ ?
  • They use carefully selected African medicinal botanicals and essential oils
  • They are a local company
  • They support local small businesses in their productions
  • They use renewable indigenous species
  • They use no synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and mono-cultural plantation agriculture
  • Practice sustainable harvesting
  • Use of recyclable or biodegradable packaging protecting the environment
  • They do not run tests on animals
  • Basically, because we dance to the same Drum